MasterMarc: Hi Theo. A lot of kinky people who are surfing on Twitter and Tumblr have seen your kinky art. Now I am really curious to know more about the artist who is providing us with nice drawn phantasies. How would you discribe your art? And how do you produce it?

Theo BlazeYou’re kind, but “Art” is a too big word for my work ! Mainly, I like create some curious situations, involving young men droped in a world of perverts or using their charms to get some advantages or reach some situation. I attempt to create a story through a single image. I think the best erotic sensation is in the way the beholder imagine what has been happening before and what will happen after the artwork. I want to put some personnality clue or the psychological charateristic of the men depicted in the scene. I don’t really know if it is a success.

I work with photoshop and I use lot of pics collected everywhere. Sometime, it is a very large amount of pics ! An artwork can be acceptable with two or three hours of work whith a favorable configurations of planets, but, in the most time, I need significantly more time, up to several days.

tumblr_nofoniMkjY1t2l489o1_1280MasterMarc: By watching your pictures we can see, that you have to be a kinky guy too. We can find a lot of pictures in an army or prison environment in which authority is an emotional part of the painting. Are you really into kinks and are that the emotions which are making you horny?

Theo BlazeSomehow or other, the erotism can be summed to submission act. If not, it’s just porn. Submission, willfully, induced or suggested, is the legacy of our animal fundamental instinct. 

For example, even without sex, I find very exciting the relation between a soldier and his superior. There are lot of emotional appeal in the fact to be obeyed (or obeying), but also in the age gap between them and the father figure.

MasterMarc: I understand totally that submission and dominance is something really atracting. 🙂 And of course I have also realized that the dad-son kink is also part of you. You illustrate the boys often in the moment they are ejaculating. Why is that for you such an extraordinary moment?

tumblr_ned9j2DFGg1t2l489o1_1280Theo Blaze: I prefer having sex with straight boys rather than gay. You can’t do much with them, in fact, it’s often very limited. But, when you get them to cum, there are few seconds where they are totally relaxed, where they finally surrendered themself. It’s a kind of victory. I like this timeless moments where the young man is first electrify then dreamy.

MasterMarc: Ui, straight boys? That doesn’t make it easy to find a good boy for action. 🙂 And it seems that the straight guy number one for you is Justin Bieber. Is he really straight? 😉 In some pictures the church, mostly the catholic church, is involved. Is there a message you want to send with your pictures?

Theo BlazeI don’t know anything about Justin. I don’t really like pop music or tv show. I only imagine some funny situations with some celebs depending their look. Justin had a great body and lot expressive faces around the net. It’s more easy for me to work with him. More, his name remind me the marquee de Sade’s book : “Justine, or the misfortunes of virtue”.

Even if you trust in God, never trust in religions ! All the religions around the world are speaking about an universal love and they make war, kills, rapes and money all over the time. Those who speak in name of god have rarely  the real spiritual or mystical mind who would deserve the respect. The sage is silent. However, the new pope seems to be far better than his predecessors.

tumblr_nltuh5Ka0b1t2l489o1_1280MasterMarc: In my eyes this club has lost touch with reality long time ago and I don’t think it will really become better soon. Is it right that your pictures are collages of photos you find on internet and your phatasie? Where do you get your inspiration for your compositions?

Theo BlazeYes. Collage mainly, sometimes I must draw some parts. My collages practice may be very extented : the arm from somewhere, the leg from another place, the hands… and so on… In my childhood, I was a frenetic cartoonist and this helps me now in this new expression way. 

Inspiration comes from a glaze, a great pic, my dreams and from my old buddy, Jake D.

MasterMarc: Theo, it was a great pleasure to talk with you and that you have let us take part in your creativity. I think i speak in the name of a lot of kinky guys who enjoy your pictures that we can just hope that you will continue your work so that we can enjoy a lot of horny moments with your art. 

Theo Blaze: Thank you very much for your interest. It was a pleasure to speak with you. I don’t know if I deserved it!



You can find the actual work of Theo Blaze on Blogspot and the archive on Tumblr.