MasterMarc: Hi Yoshi, nice to have you back on sadOsam. After your time in Europe you’re back in Japan for some months. What would you say are the big differences between the life in Europe and in Japan?
yoshikawasaki-1610-008Yoshi Kawasaki
: Hello Master Marc, thank you for having me back. And yes it has been great to be back home to see my family and friends!

Here in Japan, tattoo is not socially accepted yet. People still associate it with the sign of criminals or Yakuza, which is a Japanese gang. People look at me like I am some kind of little punk. Lol. I knew that before but I came to realise that again.

Also the size of Fetish scene is just incomparable to Europe. There are some fetish themed bars in cities, however no big events (like Fetish week, Mr. leather, etc). That is why it would be very nice to show and introduce people here how the world of fetish is like through my work.  😛

All complaints aside, food and service in Japan never disappoint me though. Lol

MasterMarc: Hehe, so how you are living all your kinks in Japan?

Yoshi Kawasaki: As I said, Japan is not ideal place if you are very much into kink but still I need to entertain myself when I am all horned up, which happens 24-7-365… So first I started wanking in a public toilet. Very discreetly, just locked myself up in a toilet stall then jerked off. 

However, after a short while, I got used to the excitement; then my next step was to film it and post it online. It felt so much better! It added the feeling of being watched, which I genuinely enjoy. (That’s one of the reasons I do porn)

My public wank has escalated and will continue to be bolder and bolder, I believe. Although I started in a small toilet stall, now I am walking down the hallway of a hotel naked, busting a nut at a parking lot and a public garden  Maybe soon I will look for someone who’s into public wank to play together.

Now that I know the joy of public wank, I do not think I can ever have as much sensation at home..that’s how powerful and addictive it is!!

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, what the excitement of public action is? And aren’t you afraid to be caught?

Yoshi Kawasaki: It is a mixed emotion; the fear of getting caught, the feeling of being watched from somewhere somehow and the amazing sensation when I finally cum! And I am doing something not really legal, that sense of guilt always pushes me to go even further and further!

It would be a lie if I said I was not afraid to be caught. In fact, I am very cautious about that. But I think that is a part of the process and makes public wank so exceptionally addictive. It is just way too good to pass up!

MasterMarc: I see the attraction of the forbidden. But do you try to avoid that children can see you?

Yoshi Kawasaki: Absolutely. I mainly do public wank in a early morning or late night. And even when I do it during the day, I am very careful with who might see me.

The audience is very important to me, especially when I put a “show”. They have to be adults of course, male, and possibly handsome. Lol

I film myself wanking from time to time in a gym locker, where no kids are allowed and I specifically choose the time when more gym rats come.

Just watch me while they’re touching theirselves is cool but, ideally, I want them to join me. What’s more fun than jerking in public? Doing the exact same thing with somebody! So If you see me out there doing my thing, don’t be shy and play with me  😉

MasterMarc: Hehe, you’re still the little bastard I know and like. 🙂 Could you tell us, what kind of crazy fantasies you would love to live out in public?

Yoshi Kawasaki: Oh I have too many fantasies!

The one I want the most is orgy or gangbang on public transportation. On train, airplane, bus, any kind of public transport. This is not about enjoying the thrilling possibility of getting caught at the very back of their seat, this is all about full of kinky men occupying a part of a train or a bus and use it to fullfill their needs! But people outside still can see them fucking.
Another one is fucking in front of a CCTV. Just like a being on a Cam4, but it’s more exciting and dangerous! I doubt that I will ever do it in Japan because the security here is damn good but possibly when I go back to Europe…  😛

I want to getting fucked inside a house against a huge window so that rest of the world world can see just how big of a slut I am. A hot fisting session outside would be great too!


MasterMarc: Uiuiui … Exhibitionism is really one of your big kinks. I know in January 2017 you’re comming back to Europe. Will you then also be available for new porn productions so that we can see you back on screen soon?

Yoshi Kawasaki: Yes absolutely! I am planning a long stay in Europe this time around so am expecting so much more opportunities to work with more porn companies that I haven’t worked with. 🙂

And also fortunately (or unfortunately) at the moment, still there are not as many famous Asian porn actors as other races in this industry. To change that or just to show as many people as possible how beautiful Asian men are. Plus I would probably try to make more homemade movies for my own pleasure. Lol

MasterMarc: I am sure a lot of our readers are waiting for it. We are curious about your new porn projects but also about your homemade movies. 🙂 And of course we are happy to have you back with us in Europe soon.


Have you ever visited Yoshi’s Twitter account? There you can see a lot of his pics and videos.