MasterMarc: It is a great pleasure to have Axel Abysse and Yoshi Kawasaki with us. How are you doing guys? You have published a new xtube fisting movie you’ve done together. So it is really time to know more about your experiences fisting each other but first Yoshi, it is great to have you back in Europe. How was your time in Japan?

Yoshi: Hello MasterMarc, I am doing great back in Europe. I have been even hornier than ever since I have been here! Thank you very much for having me again!
I stayed in Japan for half a year, and during that stay, I have done so many stuff, that actually surprised me how much I have done for a such a short period of time!
Firstly, body-wise I have changed a quite a bit. Now I have new tattoo on my back, which almost covers my entire back. and also I have got new ring piercings on my nipples, they are bigger gauges too! They makes my nipples so much more sensitive that just a little rub is enough to put me in a slutty mood. 🙂

And last but not least, Prince Albert! I love my nipple piercings but this might be my favourite! Not only looks kinky and hot, but it is actually practical! I was not so much into sounding before, but after playing with my PA, my urethra had become my favourite spot to play with. Maybe the guiche will happen soon too. 🙂

Secondly, my sex life was pretty good as well. I travelled to Taiwan and did my very first live show at the fetish bar, CommanderD. It was so much fun!! As a exhibitionist, having a whole bar to expose myself and the bar full of audience to play with, I couldn’t ask for more than that. besides, I got to interact with some of my fans there in person, which was very nice. As I mentioned here and in the last interview with MasterMarc, exhibitionism is one of my bigger fetishes. I have made so many public wanking videos in Japan, which mostly satisfied the lack of kink in Japan. Although, even in Europe, I will still keep making public wanking videos for sure!

But the most fun part in Japan must be the hot fisting sessions with Axel Abysse for sure! We had been talking on Twitter quite a while but at that time I was in Europe and he was in Japan so we could not meet but we made it happen at last! He knows how to work with men’s holes and fists. His man cunt and rosebud are just impeccable! He worked on my fist-virgin hole so well I am now so addicted to his fist! I could not stop moaning and screaming while having his fist up my hole. I do not know if I will be ever satisfied with dicks anymore.

MasterMarc: Can you tell me what happened to Yoshis ass in Japan? I know as he left Europe he hasn’t had a virgin ass but it was still tight and not as used to get fists as it it now. Axel, what have you done with little Yoshi?

Axel: I think Yoshi was ready to get fisted for a while already. I didn’t do much but helped him reach his fantasy. He was trained, and I pushed just enough to stretch him. Fisting is all in your head : if you want it, you can take it. And Yoshi obviously craved for it. I must say I’m very happy he let me do it. We had a great time together.

MasterMarc: Before we ask Yoshi it would be interesting to know, what you think that his fantasy was? Of course with you Yoshi has really had one of the best fisting teachers all over. What are the points which are making a new and hungry ass intersting for you as fisting top?

Axel: I’ve seen Yoshi’s attitude in his videos and social medias before I met him. He’s a power bottom and the fist was the evident next step. You can always see in the bottom’s eyes if he’s hungry and ready for it and Yoshi’s has this look, very curious and somehow greedy. He wants it all. Only few limits. I think we are very similar and that’s why we connected so well.

MasterMarc: Yoshi, how is it to get fisted? Can you tell us a little about the feelings and the experience with Axel?

Yoshi: Axel is such a professional pig, as I said earlier, He knows how to men’s hole function. I really could not ask for a better and more suitable person to give my fist virginity to. 🙂

All I needed to do during was to fully trust him and relax my hole. He started stretching my hole with one finger by one finger just like in vanilla sex. But that was all happening while he was massaging my prostate, kissing my ass or touching my nipples so that I wouldn’t focus too much on my ass. I literally could feel my ass lips being stretched open little by little. Once the whole fist filled up my wet cunt, I was screaming with pleasure that I had never experienced from any big dicks I have ever had up my ass. That pleasure just got better and better as his fist was coming in and out of the hole. By the end of the session, my rosebud was blooming and I could not think of anything but his fist.

MasterMarc: I know Yoshi can be hungry and demanding at the same time. That could also be a difficult combination for fisting. Axel, can you give some advices how to work with such a cunt, so that you don’t destroy it even if you feels that the cunt wants to be destroyed?

Axel: If you see the video, you’ll understand. It’s all about taking time and installing a rhythm with him. More and more fingers, slowly, playing with the lips to please them so they relax and stretch without any forcing. Never forcing. I love to massage the prostate to warm him up. It makes any man hungrier. And it naturally opens for more. The destruction comes later, when he’s finally confortable with the hole fist inside.

MasterMarc: Ok Axel has told us how it is to fist you, Yoshi. But can you tell us, how it was to fist such a fisting expert like Axel is?

Yoshi: Aside from his cursed hole and insatiable appetite, Axel is sincerely a nice person so I was relatively more relaxed when I fisted him comparing to when I was getting fisted. Although sometime I sometimes got too excited to punch his wrecked cunt too way too fast and he had to stop me lol

And his red swollen rosebud…I could eat his beautiful rosebud for hours, which I did in our new XTube video. Was so tasty!

If we ever meet again whether in Japan or Europe, that will be another hot fisting session but it will be so much sleazier and dirtier for sure! And if that happens, you will see it because there will be a new video as well. 🙂

MasterMarc: It’s really great to see you guys together. You really match but at the same time it is funny to know how different your needs are. You Axel are a European guy who really loves to live and work in Japan and you Yoshi, you are a Japanese guy who really wanted to come back to Europe and to escape from your own country. Axel, why do you think that to live in Japan is more pleasant for you than for Yoshi?

Axel: Yoshi is Japanese. Japan is a very strict society with more codes and social rules than anywhere else. I suppose he’s running from that to be himself. One example, the tattoos have a very bad connotation here and are banned from many public baths, pools and gym. Also, being Japanese in Japan induces you’re willing to live for your work and adapt your lifestyle to the needs of the company that hires you. Yoshi is a pig, not a basic slave. He’s free and knows what he wants, he’s very courageous. Him living in Europe makes sense to me. And on the other hand I’m a foreigner in Japan. I will always be a foreigner. The Japanese society doesn’t let anyone from outside in. Which somehow means I can enjoy the confort of living in Tokyo without being too pressured by the codes. I feel free as well. Far from my homeland. Yoshi and I have that in common.

I have to admit the fetish scene in Japan is very peculiar and can’t be compared with Europe’s scene. It is sometimes irritating for me as well. Local men are very distant. They hardly see fisting as something else but a S&M practice. There’s times I want to give up. I can’t promise I’ll be here forever.

MasterMarc: Hey guys, it was great to talk to you and I know, we will continue with our talks and more soon. 🙂

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