Label: Blake Mason Release Date:  05.02.17
Actors:  Mickey Taylor, Billy Rock

Mickey and Billy could hardly help themselves, by the time we got the cameras rolling they were already down to their underwear, groping cock bulges and locking lips. It continued that way, as you’ll see, only becoming hornier and hornier as they release their uncut cocks and get sucking on each other like they’ve been starved of dick for weeks. They haven’t of course, they’re just always this ravenous! Things heat up even more when Mickey gets his mouth between Billy’s butt cheeks, eating him out with greedy munching. As you might expect, when Billy gets that big cock in his rump Mickey is pretty relentless in his thrusting, switching things up with various positions and speeds, fucking his hole all over the bed until their loads need to be splashed. The mutual wanking and sucking is amazing to watch as they spew their loads, taking a taste of fresh cream!