MasterMarc: Hi Seth. Some days ago you have posted two pictures on twitter which are showing you today and as you have begun your porn career: A cute, young twink at that time and a sexy bad boy today. For how long are you doing porn and do you remember the first time you have been in front of the camera? How was it and have you been nervous?

Seth Knight: So I did post a pic recently showing my transformation.   And I have to say I get better with age haha.  That pic was actually one of my first seems when I was 18.   In fort Lauderdale.   I remember my first scenes.  I shot 3 that weekend.  My first one. Was for suite 703 with Matthew singer.  I will say I wasn’t nervous.  I liked getting fucked completely. So I went right too it and sat on his cock. What I didn’t like was the fake acting in the beginning.   Which you had to do more of back then.   That’s what can make you or break you hahah. But in the long run.  I had a blast that weekend.  Also worked with Matthew rush that same weekend.  I have basically been in Porn since then. And now I’m 26. I made a name for myself. And prolly could have been even bigger if it was my main priority.  But I was in some messed up relationship.  And when I’m in one I don’t really shoot.  As of course it’s not fair to the other guy.  So I was in and out.  Shoot when single. Not shoot when taken.  I always made sure to keep my name in a little.  But now I’m trying to pay more attention and get back to the fans. While doing my modeling and my hairstyling gig.  I wanted to transform my body and myself and I think I have accomplished that. If you look at my insta.  Or twitter feed.  I’m not that same boy.  It’s time to be a man.  And also I stopped bottoming.  I was so forced to be a bottom and it made sense. But now and for a while now I’m a huge top.  And everyone loves it. And trust me I’m a good one. I eat bigger muscle guys for dinner.  And they always want more once they have me.  :))

MasterMarc: Of course you look good now, but you have also been a cute twink. But it is normal that you develope yourself. If you just do porn if you aren’t in a relationship we don’t know if we should happy for you, that you stand again in front of the camera. Do you think it is so difficult to find a boyfriend who does accept your job? A guy who trusts you and know, that it is a professional thing and that he hasn’t to be jealous?

Seth Knight: Everyone is different. From my Expierence.  I recommend not doing Porn while in relationship. They might find it ok that u shoot. But eventually it leads to cheating and lieing and such.  I was engaged.  Went to shoot and fell in love with a pornstar that I knew I would if I got him added to my scene. And it happened.  But was a disaster.  He was actually more worried about me getting more Famouse than him and such. But for me every guy I date. I don’t shoot Porn.  I’m not looking for that kind of guy.  I want a normal man.  Which I have. But we have a good sex life and don’t mind sharing that.   We won’t fuck anyone else. Because we only want each other.  Usually guys date each other in the Porn industry and then break up then back together then break up. Or they date someone outside the industry and get them to do porn and then later down the rode break up.  I know what I want and I got it and i’ve never been happier.  I’m going to marry this one.

MasterMarc: Sounds great, we are happy for you. With all the experience you have how would you say has the porn business changed if you compare it with your starting years?

Seth Knight: Well. The quality and such has changed. I mean even lots of companies I shot with in the beginning have closed down.  I think the whole acting thing is pretty much over hahaha I think everything it most has switched to bareback.  I also think production is faster than what it use to be. Things are always changing no matter what.  Pay even changes.  Big time

MasterMarc: You’re offering now a special service to your fans. You do custom made home videos for them. Can you tell us about the idea, the service you’re providing, what people can expect and who is your partner in the videos?

Seth Knight: So listen. I will never put someone’s work down or be little. But I wanted my fans to have a connection and a piece of me.  Every Porn company is amazing in there own way. It just gets old seeing the same thing and some bad performers.   I wanted to show the real me and my real sex life and have my fans completely connected with me. In these videos. I do with my partner. We have  a hott sex life and want to share it.  So far everyone has been shocked by my vids and have been very pleased. Next I will be starting a subscription Snapchat so fans can be even more connected with me 🙂

MasterMarc: First of all, it was clear that a sexy man has a sexy boyfriend too. :)) Where can people find your vids and purchase it?

Seth Knight: So.  If you tweet me or message me on twitter I will be more than happy to take care of it.  I like to interact with the fans and do the job myself.   So just message me and we can chat.   Yes I love my boyfriend very much.  He’s everything to me. :). He will be in all the vids and doing some shoots with me.

Background/Preview Picture by Mark Henderson