MasterMarc: Hi Michael. You’re a 21 years old kinky guy and 5 months ago you’ve done your first porn movie. What was your motivation to do porn?

Michael Wyatt: Hey MasterMarc. Well I work as an underwear model so I’m very used to working with most my kit off, been approached before to work in the industry and thought this time I’ll go for it as for me it’s another form of modelling, to which I love doing.

MasterMarc: Hehe. Yes it is another form of modelling, you’re right. Can you tell our readers how you have got the possiblity to do porn? Have you sent an application and what happened afterwards?

Michael Wyatt: I got the chance to get into porn actually by a mate of mine who models himself and said I should send my application to Blake Mason, all while doing this I was messaging Sean Taylor who was asking me to apply and he sorted it all for me and got pretty much immediately accepted, then my first scene was planned and booked in a matter of no time.

MasterMarc: Of course you’ve had experiences as underwear model but I think it is different to do sex in front of the camera. Can you tell us about your first time on a porn set? 

Michael Wyatt: Yeah its definitely different then underwear modelling. My feeling during my first porn scene was a mix of being nervous but very excited to be doing it, Mickey Taylor and Manic were the ones filming the scene and made me feel very relaxed and made it all very enjoyable. The scene went great as the model I worked with was Felix Chase who was fantastic to work with and sure knew what he was doing. Had a little issue with performance nerves but it quickly resolves itself and had no issue.

Michael’s first movie:

Michael Wyatt & Felix Chase

click here to see pics & the trailer

MasterMarc: I know that you’re also into kinks. What are your fetishes and how do you live them?

Michael Wyatt: I’m quite partial to leather gear, such as harnesses, cuffs and my new leather mesh sleeves to which I wore to the Jock night that goes on at Eagle. I’m also know to be quite submissive when it comes to the bedroom. But I have been known to Dom when I’m in the right mood and with the right sub guy.

MasterMarc: Sounds interesting. As sub, what do you like most to play, what is your hottest experience and what your limits?

Michael Wyatt: I like most that I’ve no control to what is done to me and I gladly give myself up to them. Plus I like how good i look in big leather cuffs 😂 My hottest experience I’ve had would have to be when was in tied up in a sling and used by a rather sexy guy for quite a long time.

My limits would be caning that goes too far and causes damage as well as water sports and fisting.

MasterMarc: How has a boy to be that you like to dominate him and why do you like to dominate such boys?

Michael Wyatt: Well I like the guy to be like my sort of body type cause I’m a sucker for muscles, tattoos and piercings.

Extra bonus for me would be that they are a little older then myself.

I just enjoy the idea of the tables being turned and for me to be in control and ruining them instead of me

MasterMarc: You have been acting in normal but also in kinky movies … which kind of movies do you prefer to do?

Michael Wyatt: In all honestly I prefer the non kinky filming as I get to be more passionate with the other models to which I enjoy the most, as well as showing myself more. However, I do love doing the kinky scenes as the feeling is rather pleasurable

Some of Michael’s kinky movies:

Strung Up Like A Piece Of Meat

click here to see pics & the trailer

Strapped Down, Flogged & Wanked Off

click here to see pics & the trailer

Buggered In The Stocks!

click here to see pics & the trailer

MasterMarc: If you would have the possibility to realize a kinky movie in a way you would like to do it, how would the story book look like?

Michael Wyatt: That’s certainly a tough one, I would have it starting with me chained up by my wrists and ankles in the air and spread out so I’m face down in a star shape and having multiple dom tops have their way with me, using and abusing with a mix of wax, flogging, edging me, spanking and hard fucking me.