MasterMarc: Hi Dmitry. You are one of the very versatile porn actors. You can be a power bottom but at the same time also a great fucker and you play also in very different movies from vanilla to kinky. First of all, why has a cute boy from Moscow started to do porn, what was your motivation?

Dmitry: Weirdly enough I started doing porn – by chance. Was just browsing the internet one day and saw a Lucas entertainment ad that was looking for models and thought to myself – “Well why not, my face is not that fucking ugly… babies are not crying in sight of me.” And puff, written them and got an interview with Michael Lucas. Who tolled me that I need to hit the gym hard, if I wanted to work with them in Berlin. I was just really skinny, after I lost all of my weight. Pretty much I looked like the famine hit Moscow again. And well I agreed, that then I didn’t look like a porn actor that people would want to watch… I looked like someone you would want to feed and put in to anorexia video with melodramatic music.

I started hitting the gym, like 4-5 times a week and started fighting my brain telling me “if you eat that, you will look like a balloon”. And puff, from a skinny lad in Moscow, I got in to a skinny guy with muscles somewhere, so pretty much became the “strongman of the gulag”. So after three months was ready to travel to Berlin.

Had a few complexities and couldn’t just fly to Berlin straight away, so decided to take a bus from Moscow to Riga to Warsaw and then finally Berlin. 14 hours to Riga, which I love – started smelling like French cheese. I think it taken me 4-6 hours to reach Warsaw, which i again fell in love with – Started smelling like an onion that married the French cheese. And  on the last part of the journey came to fabulous Berlin, In which I finally got to have a shower! But actually loved the journey, it’s a different experience and you have time to think. And actually returned back the same way, but stayed longer in those cities. And remember when I returned back to Warsaw and planned to stay there for the day, contacted a Polish guy, Patryk Jankowski, which just pretty much gave me his keys of the apartment and tolled me that I can use what is needed and sleep. Which was honestly the most lovely and one of the most memorable things, as in reality we just talked 5/10 minutes in mid-changes of a porn shoot. I didn’t expect that trust and that kindness.

And after that all went as a usual porn start, had my first shoot with Joey Pele (which has never been released) and met magical people there like Josh Milk. And after that, pretty much started my journey in porn.

MasterMarc: That sounds as there is like a family/community feeling in the porn world. Is that really normal or was Patryk Jankowski just an exception?

Dmitry: I would say it’s the norm. I think, that because we do a really specific job that if you don’t have your comrade back, you won’t get very far. You need to help, be compassionate and just make friends. If not, you will be a mediocre porn actor. But I could be mistaking on this.

I felt more accepted and more support from the people in this kind of work. Even from people that I don’t really know that well.

So pretty much I can say that I joined a porn family, where ever I travel.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, why you like to do porn?  

Dmitry: It’s one of the the ways I can express myself. I would say i think it’s very often important how you can act, the expression of the face and the chemistry that you build with your partner.

And of course, it’s the friends that I made in the time and after the shoots. The travels, discovering new places and new people. And just the experience of trying something new, like getting fucked while standing on my head upsidown for film like “Russian domination” that I’ve shot with amazing Sam Barcley and JP Dubois at Ukhotjocks.

So for me it’s the way to express myself for my fans and those that just want a wank, with a loud mouth Russian.

MasterMarc: You’re doing vanilla, wild but also kinky and fetish movies. Is it always the same work on set or are there some differences in the way you work between vanilla and kinky movies?

Dmitry: I would say it’s more about knowing your partner offs and ons for kinky films. Of course in vanilla films, you need to know that, but there is rarely any problems shooting them. Some maybe don’t like there face being touched, someone doesn’t like spit and etc. So you need to find what the link that person has so the scene looks amazing. Just everybody have a kink, that when you do with them you can see a sparkle in there eyes.

Like for Hardkinks, I done of a humiliation porn and got walked over and gang rapped and screamed on a guy as a Russian dom chav. And in all of those you need to change to the circumstance. And sometimes you need to do something that you would never do, so the crazy chemistry of the shoot works and give your body to your partner that you need to trust 100%. If you don’t, it will not work.

But to thanks to directors and the actors that i worked with, I would say it was an amazing experience and opened my horizons.

For me, all of the scenes I made, vanilla or kinky, I give my body and soul in to making them. So that at the end of the day, someone’s fantasy could be made a possibility. Even if it’s in a video.

MasterMarc: Ok it seems that you have a total service mentality, if you want to fulfil the fantasies of your fans. But I am sure they would also like to know, what your own fantasies are, what are you into, what type of sex makes you really wild and horny?

Dmitry: I wouldn’t call it a service mentality. But without your fans, I would not be a porn actor – I would be just a Russian on a camera and that’s it. So I’m thankful to those people that are there with me on this journey.

I’m a kinky person in my personal life. Had experienced a lot of crazy things in my life. Have a crazy military/uniform fetish. Probably from the time that I have lived in a military apartment block. Had a ton of lovely sex and kink with soldiers and officers there. So I can say – I gave my helping hand (and not only) to the defenders of the motherland.

I get wild, when the guy knows what he wants. If he wants to service me, then do it. Don’t waste time, life to short. If he wants to take control over me with me, then he needs to man up as I’m a killer power bottom and fuck like it’s the last day on the earth.

About kinks, started discovering new kinks like puppyplay, which is a crazy fun way and for some reason gets me horny. Probably something animalistic, when you just listen to your earges and not the civilized mind that builds limits.

So pretty much experimenting and having a really open mind about everything. It’s a really short life, you never know… maybe tomorrow a fat lady decides to jump of a building and lands on you. Why wait?

MasterMarc: It sounds as your time at the military appartment block is a fetish fantasy of many guys. 🙂 Are you also into harder action like sm? Is pain a pleasure for you as bottom? 

Dmitry: Yes, I’m into sm. I think pain is a part of living and in Sex, it’s also a needed spice. If you don’t feel pain, you could just have congenital insensitivity or you just have a really open one eyed bandit. Pain makes you stronger and it’s exiting to see your limits, weirdly enough have a very high pain control, so enjoy it.

And there is different types of pain. The pain that your partner or partners are giving you in a session are usually controllable and just keeps you begging for more.

MasterMarc: Now you have made me very curious. 🙂 Can you give us an insight into your hottest experiences you’ve ever had?

Dmitry: Uff… had a lot of great experiences in Sex, luckily this part of my life is successful. ))))

From the time I was in th south of Russia, went to a bar and met two middle eastern guys from Dagestan and we proceeded to the closest field. And it was just animalistic Sex without need of stop words and with total understanding of what we wanted from each other. And luckily all were kinky and Vers, the grass was tall and moon shined well.

From serving a master in Madrid and just letting him use me and do what he likes with me. Woof. From ws, puppyplay, bondage, gas mask, breath control. We pretty much in a short time we did a lot. And just gave total control to him. And just it was not fake fucking, it was an animalistic expression of ourselfs. Again no need for fake words, no fake fucking. Just two people servicing there needs at the moment.

MasterMarc: Do you have still some fantasies you haven’t lived yet? Can you tell us about them and how have the circumstances to be, so that you make them become true?

Dmitry: Probably it would Sex with police, two or three guys in uniforms, maybe me as a kinky pup. That could be an interesting fantasy to create. And it’s probably because I live in a police state, the brutality of it. Maybe that’s why fantasies about it.

I think at some point it will happen, usually straight forward. If I can imagine it – it can be done.

MasterMarc: Hehe, it really seems that you’re totally into uniforms. 🙂 But if you have mention it, we have really to know more about the situation in Russia. You’re living in Moscow. How has the situation changed for a kinky guy like you, a dude who is living an open gay life and who is also visible in porn movies, magazines etc.?

Dmitry: I would say, for me it didn’t change that much. Stayed the same open person and friendly. My policy on my sexuality that I’m not hiding, I want to live my life to the fullest, even though it’s difficult to find people of the same mind set as me.

People started recognizing me. Some are really just curious and friendly, some are just idiots. Got asked a few times if I’m hiv positive, by a people that dont really know me and for some reason after seeing my films, assumed something about me. When in reality porn is a pretty safe environment. And even if I would be hiv positive, it’s not their problem and at a bar I came to have fun. And idiocy of people on question of sexual is abysmal. People are very often afraid of hiv and don’t know what it is, nor they check on them self.

But would say, had also a lot of support from fans in Russia and Europe/America. In Moscow at a club, a guy came and tolled me – “I’m his favorite Russian and just gave me a hug” which was cute and nice. And it’s just normal to be friendly.

I would say I’m lucky, Moscow is more gay friendly and tolerant. It’s not Europe – far from it. But it’s not Saudi Arabia, where you get stoned or Iran, where you get hung. So at least I’m not getting killed yet and I can have my right to live.

But for me, Russia is like Germany in 1932. The LGBT community is too quiet an inactive. We learned from the west how to party, there’s multiple venues around Moscow, but we didn’t learn to fight for our rights. We have our kitchens and our closets, we are not ready to loose the comfort of them. Nor is the liberal opposition wants to have anything to do with LGBT rights, it’s sadly to unpopular of a topic in Russia. Which in reality will end in disaster.

And what happened in Chechnya, is just another call of what is coming. And the reaction of russian LGBT, except a few organizations, was party like nothing is happening. Party in a time of a plague and of a genocide of our co-patriots and the people like me and you or just trying to ignore. As Martin Niemoller written – “First they came for the socialist, and I didn’t spoke up – Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the jew, and I didn’t speak out – because I’m not a Jew. Then they came for me – and there was no one to speak for me”.

MasterMarc: You’re so right in what you’re saying. Do you think there is a chance that it situation can change in Russia? I think Chechnya is a failed state, there isn’t really hope that things can change for the moment if the Russian government don’t start to fight for the rights of LGBT.

Dmitry: Chechnya is a part of the Russian federation, its not a seperate entity. We sometimes forget that. The horrible truth that this cases were happening long before they became world news. The other horror, is that the Russian government turned a blind eye. It’s the same as the west with Saudi Arabia. Everybody knows there is a problem, but we don’t want to touch the hornet nest. And the reaction of Russians, is like Chechnya and chechens are not our citizens, which is troublesome.

Sadly, the change needs to start from the Russian citizens, from every LGBT. We need to take our destiny in our hands and show that we are not the devil born : we are your neighbors, your relatives, we are your colleagues. We are here and we are queer, we’re not going anywhere. Its not enough for those brave people that go on street for protest, we need to unite all.

But majority, don’t see there future here. We don’t talk about future with someone, about children nor marriage. We only have the now. And what you can do? Party, drink and fuck. It’s not bad, but it’s not a life of normality. It’s a Circule.

And well I don’t see any good changes at the moment. I only see the situation worsening. But Moscow is one amazing orgy and party. Probably in the plague times, they get more spicy.

MasterMarc: I hope there will be a change in Russia. It would be not only important for the people living in Russia but also for the world. It is a hard change of topic back to porn but of course we would like to know, what your next projects are, Dmitry?

Dmitry: Working a lot and improving myself. Getting ready to work in Berlin next month for a new project and in 2-3 months will be hopefully in USA working for new companies. So a lot is happening. 🙂

MasterMarc: Dmitry, it was great to talk to you. We wish you all the best for your future as porn actor, which gives us a lot of pleasure, but also as Russian citizen who has an opinion and who doesn’it hide it. That is just great!

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