Brownie-Bunny | 1995 | 168 cm | 58 kg | Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Young boys don’t really know how to call out the bitch inside me

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Daddies Know How to Treat a Hungry Bitch

MasterMarc: Hi Brownie-Bunny. It is great to have the boy with us. Can you tell us what kind of sex are you into?

Brownie-Bunny: I love role playing. Like a hot hung daddy fucking and twink young son who disobeys. Uhm, I like it rough a lil bit. I will be a hungry bitch in bed and I want a dominant top to fuck me , maybe all night long. I really like an older top that I can consider as my ” daddy ” so that I can be disobidient and get punish by his hung cock. You can spank me, you can call me a bitch, you can tell me to lick you armpit , your balls and choke on that hot cock. In general, I love being dominated by an old, muscular top who loves rough fucking.

MasterMarc: That sounds interesting, boy. Why do you love older daddies? What do they have what boys in your age don’t have? 

Brownie-Bunny: I love daddies because they are so sexy to me. Especially ones that are muscular and hairy. I feel so small and so weak facing them. And my body just can’t resist the temptation. Young boys don’t really know how to call out the bitch inside me. They just wanna fuck that’s all. When daddy, they know that this lil bitch is hungry for men, that ‘s bad. And daddies know how to punish this spoiled brat. And their vice, omg, daddies’ voice normally is so warm and low. Overall, I love daddies because only them can bring out that thirsty freak inside me.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, how you’ve met your first “Daddy” and how was it, to be dominated for the first time?

Brownie-Bunny: I met my 1st daddy around 3 years ago. In the swimming pool area in the evening. I had my little red swim brief to show off my tan booty. After a few rounds around the pool I found a poolside chair to rest. Then he came, ask me if he can sit along side with me. His voice was so masculine that I had to look up to him standing to left of me. And omg, he was like a body builder, his arms, his pecs…. so fucking huge and perfect. I was so excited that i said to myself: “Yes please!”

He asked me about where i live, how oldIi was, etc… Then he ask me to go to the pool with him. In the pool, he swam along side with me, we had a really fun conversation. It was really crowded there, we just stick to the side of the pool to rest for moment and then he got behind my back, and i feel something hard touch my butt. So i just curve my ass so that his bulge can get in between. As everybody was so into swimming, he grab my bulge, his other arm just wrap around my waist and he ask me if i want to taste his hot thing. I said “YES” immediately. Then we got in to the shower, 2 people in one small boot but i love the feeling when he is so close to me. I was so scared that people may see us. But that turned me on even more.

He said “Suck my dick first!” and i can’t do anything but that … I just choke on his black, veiny dick. Then he fuck my throat so aggressively that I cant breath. But I don’t wanna stop. Then he turn me around and he has put his dick on my ass and started scrubing. It was so hot and I loved it so much to feel his veins on my skin. Then he started twisting my nipples. It felt so fucking good that i started moaning. But he took off his swimming trunks and put it in my mouth so that I wasn’t able to make any noises.

Few moments later he said let’s fuck. And damn, my hole was so hungry, so that he goes in raw with no lube. It was so painful but my scream cant get out my throat as I still had his trunks in my mouth. He fuck me so hard that i cant feel my legs anymore. I thought i was floating. His hands keep twisting my nipple even harder. I đon’t wanna stop.

Then somebody went by and he tried to know what happens inside the locker. But daddy just lift me up, my arms around his neck and my legs wrap around his waist and he just keep thrusting me with his hot dick while answering that person outside: “It’s alright, nothing to see here!”

Then he talk to me “Be quite and enjoy my dick you fag.” Then i started crying because it so painful. But i start to love this feeling as he started to fuck me even harder and deeper. I love how he flex all that muscle to lift me up and fuck me so good for such a long time. Than he has put me back on the ground, forced my head down to earth and started to fuck my doggy style for a few minutes and than he bent over and I felt his hand covering my mouth. Just in that moment he bite my neck. It hurt a lot but damn it felt so good. In this moment I felt how his load was flowing inside my hot and slim ass. The moment he pulled his dick out I immediately turn around a suck his dick dry. Don’t wanna waste all the precious man juice. Then he slap my ass real hard and said “Nice bitch!”.

We went to the shower to clean ourselves up and we got out of the shower. Out on the parking he asked me if I want to join him for dinner. We keep in touch till now and he still fucks me raw every weekend.

MasterMarc: That sounds like a great first experience and you seem really to be a Vietnamese fag boy. How difficult is it to find gay people to have fun with in your region?

Brownie-Bunny: I live in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), it could be consider a freedom land for gay people. People here really open and accepting so us gay have no worry about expressing ourselves. But I still prefer being straight acting, personally. Many daddies love straight-acting bitches like me hehe. It really easy to find your partner here. We have a lot of gay bars, gay spas or even gay coffees. Just open Jack’d or Grindr to find so many hot guys near you.

Many years ago, people have been really curious if two men go to the same hotel room so that they try to sneak to know what happen. Now, that’s no longer happen. Saigon people they don’t really care if you’re gay or straight. You just gotta look good, have a nice, curvy body if you’re a bottom. Be sporty and active. Then many guys will come to you. Don’t be too fat or too fem. Gotta stay in shape so that your daddies can be proud of possessing such beautiful slut. Bottom line, it’s really easy to have fun here.